Friday, January 1, 2016

Week 6 for BOGOF Mixed Media Paintings by Santa Fe Artist Sandra Duran Wilson

Here is the sixth week for my annual Buy One Get One Free sale.

These are the lowest prices of the year. Many people wait for this sale to add to their collection.

 I have been posting 6 paintings a week, so now we have 36 paintings (some have sold) to choose from.

 I am going to post a seventh week of paintings and extend the buying time to the end of January. This will give you more time to make your selections.

  Hint-The bonus week contains all 10x8 paintings from my book, Acrylic Painting for Encaustic Effects.

Here is how it works: I post 6 paintings every week for 6 weeks.

They are paired by size and price, but you can mix and match.

 Check out the paintings from this week and from the previous weeks also.You email me and let me know which ones you want and I send them to you.

 You get two for the price of one!

 2 - 6x6 are $250
 2 - 8x8 are $350
 2 - 10x8 are $450
 2- 12x9 are $650

 These prices include shipping to the 48 states. Check with me for international shipping prices.
Patina of Life 12x9
side view with frame 13x10x1.5
This is a painting from my newest book, Acrylic Painting for Encaustic Effects. It shows both hard edge and soft focus to create interesting implied depth. This larger painting is a wonderful deal for 2 for only $650. Select
Tesla's Towers 12x9
side view with frame 13x10x1.5
Here is a companion piece for the painting above, or you may pair it up with any other painting from the BOGOF special. Another painting from my new book. It has wonderful textures and depth using carving, beads and collage. Select
Dancing Veils 10x8
side view with frame 11x9x1.5
This painting has the look of batik but it is acrylic and mixed media. There are wonderfully colorful layers and the writing adds a graphic touch. This one is $450 for 2 paintings. Select
Sometimes Things are Not as They Appear 10x8
side view with frame 11x9x1.5
The title says it all. This painting looks like wax but it is all acrylic on panel. This is one of the paintings that led to my newest book. You can have it along with another for only $450. Select
Sold! My Mountains II 6x6
Sold! side view with frame 7x7x1.5
The colors glow and the depth draws you in. This little gem reminds me of the mountains of Santa Fe and it is only $250 for 2 paintings. What a great deal. This size is popular. Select
Sold! Web of Life 3 6x6
Sold! side view with frame 7x7x1.5
There is a lot packed into this little painting. It has collage, Venetian plaster, two sided painting on Duralar and even a real leaf skeleton embedded into the plaster. Love It! and it's only $250 for 2. Select

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