Friday, February 10, 2017

Large abstract painting, contemporary textured art by California artist Nancy Eckels - "Happy Dance”, modern art abstract

Happy Dance   40" x 40"    $4800.00
So how do I name my paintings you ask??
I really don't know.  It usually happens well after
I'm finished painting it.  I stare at it until something
comes to me.  This one just makes me happy when I
look at it.  The colors are great!
It's an original painting created with acrylic
paint and texture medium.  The medium is sculpted,
shaped and left to dry for a couple of days. Then
many layers of paint are applied.  The canvas is
1.5" deep and painted black on the sides for a finished
look that does not need framing.  The surface is very
textured.  After it dries, a UV varnish is applied to
protect the color.  It's wired and ready to hang.
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